Woordenbrij (2021)

Do you recognize that feeling when your mind seems to be overflowing with thoughts? Thoughts that just keep roaming around your head and don't want to go away? Overthinking is something everyone experiences from time to time.
That’s what my graduation film Woordenbrij (English title: Welter of Words) is about. The short film follows the story of a girl who overthinks too much and seems unable to stop. Through to all her thinking she ends up in a chaotic imagination world that’s full of her own thoughts, which she cannot escape. In this world she has to find a solution for her overthinking and regain her peace of mind.

12th edition Camera Critics Film Festival, Lodz, Poland (from september 30th till october 7th 2021)
Blikvangers HKU, Louis Hartlooper complex, Utrecht, Netherlands (13th and 14th of october 2021)
Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital Media Festival, Trinidad and Tobago (28th of october, 2021)
Early Bird Student Film Festival, Bulgaria, Hungary (1th of November 2021)
Under The Stars International Film Festival, Bari, Italy (15 tm 17 march 2022)
MONSTRA Festival, Lisboa, Portugal (16 - 27 march 2022)
Kaboom Animation Festival, Utrecht & Amsterdam, The Netherlands (28 march till 3 april)